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SymPro Investment Solution:

Empowering Public Sector Treasury Management

Modernize your portfolio accounting, reporting, and analysis.


Public sector treasury managers face unique challenges. SymPro tackles these head-on, including:

  • Tedious data entry of investment  transactions
  • Complex calculations
  • Difficulty allocating interest to pool participants
  • Frustrating complex manual journal entries
  • Time-consuming spreadsheets

SymPro streamlines your treasury operations:

  • Effortless Data Import: Eliminate manual data entry by importing positions and transactions directly from your custodian. 
  • Automated Calculations: Focus on analysis, not calculations. SymPro automates complex tasks like amortizations and cash flow schedules. 
  • Streamlined Interest Allocation: Ensure fair and accurate distribution of interest with SymPro’s user-friendly Earnings Allocation feature. 
  • Simplified Journal Entries: Effortlessly record transactions and maintain accurate financials with SymPro’s intuitive General Ledger interface. 
  • Centralized Data Management: Gain comprehensive insights with SymPro’s insightful reports and debt/investment summaries. Ditch the spreadsheets! 



  • SymPro fosters transparency by generating accurate and timely investment management, performance, and GASB compliance reports.
  • Additionally, data entry duplication is reduced by automatically creating accounting journal entries from your transactions.
  • You can further improve accuracy by importing positions or transactions directly from your custodian.
  • SymPro calculates key metrics like earnings, accrued interest, capital gains/losses, average daily balance, amortizations, weighted yields, and duration.
  • This empowers you with real-time insights to optimize your portfolio.
  • Our solution is fully compliant with GASB 31, 40 & 72, ensuring your reporting meets all regulatory requirements.
  • SymPro offers unmatched flexibility with the ability to create an unlimited number of portfolios, each accommodating multiple funds, divisions, or advisors.

Modules for personalization

Run our solutions stand-alone or combined for a comprehensive, integrated treasury system.

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