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SymPro Treasury Solutions
Experts in Municipal Finance Technology

Complete Investment and Debt Solutions

For over 30 years, SymPro has provided integrated solutions for the public sector to automate and simplify core investment, debt and cash accounting operations.

Our modular products, which can be customized for your needs, often replace internal and legacy systems to increase reliability in financial reporting, improve workflow, reduce manual effort and increase accuracy.

Evolving with the Marketplace

Our products are always evolving to meet the changing needs of the treasury marketplace. Besides receiving valuable feedback from our clients, we actively participate in professional forums and conferences.

We monitor compliance and product updates that appear on the market, following leads to guide our development and help us innovate.

Our History

The SymPro Treasury and Debt Management division (TDM) was formed in December 2007 when Emphasys acquired SymPro, Inc., from JP Morgan Chase & Co. The acquisition of the desktop product from Evare, LLC, occurred the following year in December 2008.

The SymPro team is based in Lafayette, California, and was created in response to the public agency reporting mandate issued in 1985. The SymPro Fixed Income Management System evolved to become a complete solution for public agencies that need reporting and management of their fixed income portfolios. In 1990, SymPro responded by expanding features of its software to address the analytical and reporting requirements of investment managers and corporate cash managers.

Having assisted hundreds of state, county and city governments and municipal infrastructure agencies across the country, SymPro is firmly established as the national standard bearer for fixed income investment reporting.

Backed by Constellation Software Inc.

Emphasys is the de-facto permanent-hold vehicle that invests in category-defining B2B/B2G software companies, like SymPro, globally. Backed by Constellation Software Inc. with institutional reach across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Emphasys seeks to serve and support the operators of SymPro by offering continuity, community and capital. Emphasys invests in people and technology for the long haul and never divests its businesses, ever.

SymPro serves more than 400 clients nationwide, managing investment, debt and cash portfolios from 25 million to several billion dollars.

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