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Debt Management
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With the Debt Manager, issuers now have a tool to create a comprehensive and easy-to-access library of information on outstanding obligations.

Users of the debt management system benefit from having instant access to information regarding all past and present debt issuances complete with: debt service schedules broken down to the CUSIP level, detailed sources and uses of funds, call structures and redemptions, allocation of debt service to various funds and other related information such as financing participants, ratings history, etc.


Debt Management

Provides a structured set of debt obligations with call, sinking fund, term, and redemptions. Tracks outstanding debt at the project, division, and enterprise level. Reports on remaining par, interest, and principal payments for all securities associated with a bond issue. Links scheduled debt payments to our Cash Flow module, enabling thorough liquidity management.

General Ledger Interface

Creates general ledger journal entries to reflect debt transaction activity within a portfolio for a specific date range. The activity includes issuance, redemptions, maturities, interest paid, and other debt transactions. Once the journal transactions are created, you can view the transaction file on screen, print reports based on the file’s data, and export the data to the GL System.

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