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Investment Management
Experts in Municipal Finance Technology

Designed to meet the investment management challenges of today’s Public Sector Treasury Managers, the SymPro Investment Solution provides complete investment portfolio accounting, reporting and analysis, all while being GASB 31, 40 & 72 compliant.

An investment management solution that creates real-time, actionable intelligence by calculating earnings, accrued interest, capital gains and losses, average daily balance, amortizations, weighted yields, duration, total return and GASB reporting.


Fixed Income

Includes a comprehensive approach to fixed income investment management.

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General Ledger Interface

Creates general ledger journal entries to reflect investment transaction activity within a portfolio for a specific date range

Earnings Allocation

Allocates earnings from fixed income investments to the participants in an investment pool.

Market Pricing

Price your portfolios automatically with a single mouse-click.

Financial Services

Reconciles investment positions in your SymPro portfolio with records held by a safekeeping, custody service or trustee.


The Analytics module provides Clients with more complex portfolios the ability to better analyze and report on their performance.

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