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Cash Management
Streamlined, Transparent and Accurate

The SymPro Cash Management solution is a web-based system designed for public entities to easily manage and control their cash operations.

Our cash management system is designed to help you arrive at your cash position for the day in minutes rather than hours. Arrive at the office to find all your banking transactions from the prior day already loaded in your daily cash worksheet. Get a real-time view of your organization’s enterprise cash position.

Cash forecasts are a breeze as the system uses historical data to create effective daily, weekly, monthly or yearly forecasts. You can even expand your forecast by importing data from external platforms. The Electronic Funds Transfer module enables you to efficiently and securely originate, authorize, approve and monitor all your electronic money transfers. A status and control feature allows you to easily manage your payment work flow through multiple banks.

Isn’t it time you joined the cash revolution and let the SymPro Cash Management solution automate the time-consuming and manual aspects of your daily cash activity, allowing for more efficient and strategic decision-making?


Bank Polling

Using this powerful cash management system, users can view all of their bank accounts across the organization.

Cash Position Worksheet

Includes real-time Worksheets to determine Actual and Estimated Cash Position for any group within an organization.

Cash Forecasting

This module is available both as a reporting tool and as a modeling tool.

Funds Transfer

Supports all types of funds transfers domestic and international, for both record-level and batch/bulk payments and draws.

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