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Marketing Specialist

Meet Shari, a Marketing Specialist passionate about helping others! Discover her diverse career path, productivity hacks, and what motivates her at SymPro.
Marketing Specialist, Shari

Hi Shari, what is your current job title?

I’m a Marketing Specialist.

Could you describe your role and responsibilities in promoting SymPro's Investment Management Software?

My primary role is to spread the word about SymPro and how it can revolutionize treasury departments. I achieve this through our website, email campaigns, and social media presence. Additionally, I collaborate closely with the sales team to enhance our presence at conferences, promote webinars, and create any necessary marketing materials. While there’s more to it, these are the core aspects of my job.

Where did you work before joining SymPro?

Before joining SymPro, I worked at Kuhn Rikon, a Swiss-based housewares company. You might have seen their peelers featured on the Food Network. My marketing career has taken me through diverse industries, including education, plumbing, museums, housewares, and now financial software. I thrive on challenges, but my main focus is on helping others discover tools that can truly benefit them.

Can you share your most used productivity hack?

Certainly, one of my key productivity hacks is maintaining a list of things I’m waiting for that is separate from the normal to-do list. This helps me avoid forgetting to follow up with people after making requests. Keeping track of these items allows me to follow up at the right time.

What motivates you in your work?

A strong motivator for me is helping people. I find joy in connecting individuals with solutions or opportunities that bring them happiness or tangible benefits. I also enjoy examining processes and finding ways to improve them, seeking efficiency and effectiveness.

What aspect of your job at SymPro excites you the most?

I’m most excited about connecting people with a product that’s tailor-made for the public sector finance industry. SymPro offers the tools and expertise to simplify the lives of those who use it. In our busy lives, why not choose tools that ease some of the pressure?

Are there any specific goals or initiatives you're looking forward to at SymPro?

I’m eager to hear more from our clients. They’re the ones using the software and understand how it benefits others. I look forward to learning about why they chose SymPro and how it has been making a difference in their work.

Could you tell us a bit about your family?

Of course. My husband and I have a 6-year-old daughter, and we’ve been caring for my mother-in-law for the past two years. We belong to what’s known as the sandwich generation. Every day is a different little adventure.

Now for something fun: What was the first concert you ever attended?

That’s a fun question. My first concert was No Doubt. It was an outdoor event, and we got rained on, but it was an incredible experience!

Is there something about you that most people don't know?

After college, I spent two years in Portugal as a missionary, where I taught English. It was a rewarding and eye-opening experience.

Marketing Specialist, Shari

Marketing Specialist

Meet Shari, a Marketing Specialist passionate about helping others! Discover her diverse career path, productivity hacks, and what motivates her at SymPro.

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